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28 Jun, 2017

Hokusei Hosts Okinawa Group in Portland

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Okinawan visitors to Portland Gear On June 23, Hokusei North America hosted a business group from Japan's Okinawa Prefecture.  The group was interested in learning more about Portland's creative scene, including design, food & beverage, and fashion.  In the future, many of the Okinawan visitors hope to incorporate Portland elements into their retail [...]

5 Jun, 2017

Hokusei Japan Team Completes Successful Visit to Oregon

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From May 30 to June, Shotaro Tomita, CEO of Hokusei Products in Japan visited the Greater Portland area.  Along with team member Yurie Wata and the Hokusei North America team, Tomita-san held a wide number of meetings with various companies, government agencies and other organizations. One of the highlights of the Hokusei Products visit to [...]