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Friday is Hinamatsuri

This Friday March 3rd is Hinamatsuri (Doll's Day) in Japan. It is also known as Girl's Day. During this holiday, some households display a large doll set depicting the Emperor, Empress and imperial court of the Heian, a classical period of Japanese history which lasted from the years 794 - 1185. It's a very colorful [...]

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Portland Japanese Garden Expansion Soon to be Complete

Portland's world-famous Japanese Garden is undergoing a major expansion, including the addition of a Cultural Crossing facility. New facilities making up the expansion were designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma (designer of the Main Stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics), and will include classrooms, a library, and a Tea Café.  Three new buildings will be completed [...]

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February visit to Portland by Hokusei Japan

Earlier this month, staff from Hokusei's home office in Toyama, Japan visited Portland. During a busy 4-day schedule, the Hokusei Japan and Hokusei North America teams attended a number of meetings with trading partners, members of the Portland business community, and the Portland Development Commission (PDC).  Much of the meeting focus was on preparation for [...]

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