Hokusei Ramping Up Fruit Puree Exports

An interesting outcome of the coronavirus pandemic has been continued strong demand for craft beer in the U.S.  Although many breweries have faced the challenge of adjusting their business models, the overall beer market has been quite steady, with falling on-premise (bars, restaurants, taprooms, etc.) beer sales being replaced by off-premise (e.g., supermarkets, convenience store, direct to consumer) beer consumption. [...]

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Esquif canoes make their Japanese debut

An outdoor retail chain in Hokkaido wanted Canadian-made Esquif canoes. The Quebec-based company had canoes ready to for export. Yet somehow, the canoes never made their way to Japan despite considerable consumer interest. Enter Hokusei North America to manage purchasing, logistics and export and within a few months, Esquif canoes made their Japanese debut. Attached is some recent press about [...]

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Hokusei helping navigate the Tokyo International Gift Show

Earlier this month, the Hokusei team was on hand at the 84th Tokyo International Gift Show to assist an American buyer in connecting with Japanese suppliers. With offices in Japan and the US, we can facilitate seamless import and export of product between the two markets and provide in person support as the need arises. Here are some action photos [...]

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