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Portland Japanese Garden Featured in Japanese Newspapers

During the month of July, the Portland Japanese Garden attracted the attention of multiple newspapers in Japan.  Both the Toyama Shinbun and the Hokkoku Shinbun printed articles about the Portland organization's efforts to promote culture, art, and crafts from Japan's most northern island, Hokkaido.   Of particular focus was the Portland Japanese Garden's exhibition of items related to the Ainu [...]

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Best Wishes for the Portland Japanese Garden

Earlier this month, we learned with great sadness that Portland Japanese Garden announced that it will be closed indefinitely, due to the corona virus outbreak.  As Portlanders, we at Hokusei North America hold a special place in our hearts for the Japanese Garden -- it is a source of beauty, tranquility, and cultural learning that will be missed sorely.  Just [...]

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Portland Japanese Garden to Host Holiday Koto Concerts

During the Holiday Season, the Portland Japanese Garden will host koto harp concerts for garden visitors. For those unfamiliar with a koto, it is a thirteen-string plucked zither, introduced to Japan from China through the Korean Peninsula in the 7th century. The koto creates a beautiful sound unlike any other. These concerts offer a rare opportunity to listen to the [...]

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Behind The Shoji Event Off To A Great Start

On Fri, August 2, the Portland Japanese Garden hosted a preview party for its annual "Behind the Shoji" event.  At the preview party, guests were offered the chance to take a first look at, and make purchases from a wide array of unique and handcrafted products made in Japan.   The Portland Japanese Garden and Hokusei worked together to import [...]

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Hokusei North America to Sponsor Portland Japanese Garden Event

Hokusei North America is pleased to announce that it will sponsor the Portland Japanese Garden's "Behind the Shoji - Hokkaido Marketplace" event. This event will be held at the Japanese Garden from August 3 ~ September 15, 2019, and will celebrate the 60-year sister city relationship between Portland and Sapporo (Hokkaido's capital city). An ongoing series hosted by the Portland [...]

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Japanese Beer Garden in Portland on July 18

This year, the Japan-America Society of Oregon (JASO) will once again host a beer garden party for the Japan-related community in Portland.  The event, which will be held on July 18 (Thu) will feature a number of Japanese and Portland beers & ciders, in addition to a number of Japanese dishes that go well with beer in summertime, including yakisoba, [...]

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More Hokusei Product (Japan) visits to Oregon

  As a sign of its commitment to the Oregon-Japan trade market, Hokusei Products in Japan sent staff to Oregon to meet with the local Hokusei North America team. During the week of April 22, Hokusei Products' staff will travel to Portland, the Willamette Valley, and Central Oregon to visit a number of partner organizations, including the Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon [...]

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Portland Japanese Garden Hosting Event in Tokyo on Apr 15

On April 15 (Mon), the Portland Japanese Garden and the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ) will host an cultural bridge-building event at FCCJ's Tokyo location. The event will include key address Steve Bloom, the Portland Japanese Garden's Chief Executive Officer.  After the key address, Mr. Bloom will be joined in a panel discussion by Kengo Kuma, world-renowned architect and [...]

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Hokusei’s visit to Oregon

Earlier this month, executive staff from Hokusei Products in Japan (Hokusei North America’s parent company) visited Oregon to participate in a wide number of meetings and site visits. Among the highlights of the visit was a series of meetings and get-togethers with staff from the Portland Japanese Garden . A number of discussions were held to prepare for the Portland [...]

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Welcome in the Cherry Blossom Season at Sakura Sunday

Portland boasts a number of Japanese cherry trees, which typically beautifully bloom during the month of March. These trees can be found along the Willamette River in Tom McCall Park, drawing in sightseers and picnickers every  Spring. In addition, there are of course amazing cherry trees at the Portland Japanese Garden (PJG).  On March 24 (Sun) from 11AM to 2PM, JASO [...]

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