During the month of July, the Portland Japanese Garden attracted the attention of multiple newspapers in Japan.  Both the Toyama Shinbun and the Hokkoku Shinbun printed articles about the Portland organization’s efforts to promote culture, art, and crafts from Japan’s most northern island, Hokkaido.


Of particular focus was the Portland Japanese Garden’s exhibition of items related to the Ainu people, an ethnic group indigenous to Hokkaido that is relatively unknown outside of Japan.  This rare exhibition of Ainu items was the direct result of a visit to Hokkaido by Portland Japanese Garden staff, which was organized and facilitated by Hokusei North America’s counterparts in Japan.

Hokusei North America was proud to be a part of this effort to share Ainu culture in the United States, and we look forward to working with the Portland Japanese Garden to arranging more unique events in the future.

Hokkoku Shinbun
article (in Japanese): https://www.hokkoku.co.jp/subpage/T20200728201.htm

To learn more about Ainu culture, please visit the National Ainu Museum & Park website: https://ainu-upopoy.jp/en/