Is Hokusei a sales representative or distributor? Our business model is based on being a distributor of your products.  In other words, we buy your products from you, and are responsible for all aspects of sales in Japan.  Of course, we work with all of our partners to ensure that brand image and product quality are held to the same standards as in the U.S.

Does my company need a license to export to Japan? Nope. Hokusei North America assumes all responsibility for exporting your products. Once it’s out your door, it’s a done deal for you.

Will my company be paid in Japanese Yen? We pay for your products with US dollars drawn from a U.S. bank account, using standard U.S. payment terms. No wire fees, currency conversions or international collections to worry about.

Does my company need a Japanese website? Not necessarily. We will market your company’s products using our Japanese sales and distribution channels. We can link you up with top notch, professional translators if you want to add Japanese text to your current website.

Does my packaging need to be redesigned? Some products, like food, may require Japanese labeling. We will work with you to determine how to best proceed.

Do I need to get products approved by Japanese customs authorities before exporting to Japan? That’s our job!  Before any products are shipped, we will work with Japanese authorities to make sure that all exports go smoothly.