3 Jun, 2024

Hokusei to Take Part in “American Beer Hall 2024” event in Japan

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Hokusei Products in Japan has been invited to participate in the "American Beer Hall 2024" event, taking place in Fukuoka City Japan. The invitation was extended by the U.S. Government's Agricultural Trade Office (ATO), for Hokusei to showcase fruit purees for fermentation made by the Oregon Fruit Company (OFC).   The event will be held weekly from June to September [...]

27 May, 2024

Hokusei Staff Taking Part in the Beer Festival Season

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On both sides of the Pacific, Hokusei staff are participating in beer festival events, as a way to promote the use of Oregon Fruit Company's purees in beer, and perhaps, more importantly make craft beer industry friends. The Hokusei staff in Japan has been especially busy attending/volunteering in craft beer festivals, pouring beer and promoting fruit purees at 2 festivals [...]

9 Apr, 2024

Hokusei Staff Recap

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As mentioned in a previous post, Hokusei North America (HNA) recently welcomed Yurie Wata, from HNA's parent company, Hokusei Products in Japan. Wata-san (R) enjoying a local craft beer Ms. Wata's trip to Portland was her first in 3 1/2 years, so there was much ground to cover, to meet with various Hokusei business partners and pursue business development opportunities. [...]

28 Mar, 2024

Hokusei Japan Staff to Visit Oregon

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In early April, Hokusei North America will welcome one of its colleagues from Hokusei Products (Japan) back to Portland. Chris Hodge from Oregon Fruit Products (L), Yurie Wata (R) Yurie Wata, who oversees Hokusei Products' lifestyle/consumer products business operations, will be back in Portland after a 5 year hiatus related to the COVID epidemic. During her visit here, Yurie will [...]

6 Mar, 2024

Fuji to Hood Back in Portland!

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After a 2-year hiatus, the Fuji to Hood festival is returning to Portland on July 20. The festival which is held every other year in Portland (and taking place in Tokyo alternating years) is known for its unique approach of fostering links between the Japanese and Oregon beer  & cider communities. This is done by having teams of  Japanese & [...]

27 Feb, 2024

Hokusei North America Becomes JASO Diamond Member

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Hokusei North America (HNA) is pleased to announce that it has increased its support for the Japan-America Society of Oregon (JASO) to become a corporate member at the Diamond level. Graham Morris, JASO Executive Director (L), Kaoru Miyanaga, JASO Assistant Director (R)   HNA's decision was made in recognition of, and gratitude for, the mission that JASO plays to develop [...]

13 Feb, 2024

Portland Japanese Garden Staff Visits Japan

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Earlier this month, Hokusei's team in Japan had had the honor of hosting a visitor from the Portland Japanese Garden's Director of buying and merchandising.  The purpose of the visit was to explore Japanese crafts for potential sale at the garden's gift shop. During the directors' trip, Hokusei staff in Japan was by her side, to introduce the director to [...]

6 Feb, 2024

Support for Noto Peninsula Earthquake

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This past January 1, the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture was struck by a powerful earthquake.  The most deadly in Japan since 2016, this earthquake also caused a tsunami on the Sea of Japan coast, widespread landslides, and countless structure fires. Among the many communities damaged, Wajima suffered a considerable amount of damage. This city is known for its beautiful [...]

29 Jan, 2024

Ice Storm Hits Portland

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In mid-January, Portland and its surrounding areas were struck by a weather pattern that caused considerable damage and inconvenience. Highly unusual for the Portland area, a snow storm was followed by a precipitous drop in temperatures, falling to the mid-teens (Fahrenheit). Then, freezing rain occurred, covering any exposed surface to be covered in ice. Shortly after the first wave of [...]

1 Jan, 2024

Happy New Year

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On behalf of the Hokusei teams around the globe, Hokusei North America would like to wish a Happy New Year to our customers and business partners in the U.S. &  Canada. According to the Asian zodiac, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, which is said to bring abundance, growth, and progress. We certainly aim to make that the case [...]

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