18 Nov, 2019

Oregon Fruit Products Visit to Japan

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Earlier this month, Chris Hodge, Sales Director for Oregon Fruit Products (OFP), visited Japan as part of Oregon Governor Brown's trade mission.  During his visit to Japan, Mr. Hodge visited a number of Japanese breweries and met with a number of brewers to discuss OFP's fruit purees for fermentation. As importer of OFP's purees in [...]

23 Oct, 2019

Japanese Movie Night in Portland

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On November 15 (Fri), the Japan America Society of Oregon (JASO) will host a Japanese movie night, featuring "A Tale of Samurai Cooking -- A True Love Story".  Originally released in 2013, this movie is a tale about a young samurai and his adjustment to working in a kitchen and with the help of a [...]

1 Oct, 2019

Hokusei Starts Oregon Fruit Products Puree Sales

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Starting in late-September, Hokusei North America and its parent company Hokusei Products launched sales of Oregon Fruit Products’ (OFP) fruit puree for fermentation products in Japan.  Collectively, the Hokusei group reached out to a number of breweries in Japan’s burgeoning craft beer industry, and subsequently received a number of orders for purees. […]

29 Aug, 2019

Kinokuniya Bookstore Opens in Portland

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Earlier this month, famed Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya opened a new store in downtown Portland. Centrally located near Portland's Director Park (and new Visitor's Center), Kinokuniya offers a wide variety of books, stationery, and gift items.  According to Kinokuniya, the store will offer art and comics from Japan as well.  This store is Kinokuniya's second Portland [...]

5 Aug, 2019

Behind The Shoji Event Off To A Great Start

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On Fri, August 2, the Portland Japanese Garden hosted a preview party for its annual "Behind the Shoji" event.  At the preview party, guests were offered the chance to take a first look at, and make purchases from a wide array of unique and handcrafted products made in Japan.   The Portland Japanese Garden and [...]

24 Jul, 2019

Hokusei North America to Sponsor Portland Japanese Garden Event

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Hokusei North America is pleased to announce that it will sponsor the Portland Japanese Garden's "Behind the Shoji - Hokkaido Marketplace" event. This event will be held at the Japanese Garden from August 3 ~ September 15, 2019, and will celebrate the 60-year sister city relationship between Portland and Sapporo (Hokkaido's capital city). An ongoing [...]

24 Jun, 2019

Japanese Beer Garden in Portland on July 18

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This year, the Japan-America Society of Oregon (JASO) will once again host a beer garden party for the Japan-related community in Portland.  The event, which will be held on July 18 (Thu) will feature a number of Japanese and Portland beers & ciders, in addition to a number of Japanese dishes that go well with [...]

13 Jun, 2019

Hokusei Shares Oregon Fruit Product Purees with Japanese Brewers

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At the Hood to Fuji Brewers’ Seminar held on June 7 in Tokyo, Hokusei Products (Japan) and Hokusei North America jointly hosted a booth featuring Oregon Fruit Products purees.  The aseptic purees are especially formulated for use in fermentation (beer, spirits, cider, etc.) and are widely used in the North American beer brewing industry. The [...]

1 Jun, 2019

CEO Tomita to Speak at Hood to Fuji Brewing Industry Event

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On Fri, June 7, Hokusei North America’s CEO Taro Tomita will speak during a brewing industry seminar to be held in conjunction with the Hood to Fuji Oregon-Japan collaboration beer festival.  Held a day before the actual festival, the seminar will be attended by a number of professionals from the Japanese beer industry, including brewers, [...]

18 May, 2019

Hokusei Begins Working with Oregon Fruit Products

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In April, Hokusei North America began working with Oregon Fruit Products (Salem, Ore.) to begin shipping fruit puree to Japan.  The aseptic puree shipped was for specifically processed fermentation purposes, and will be used in a number of craft beers offered at the "Hood to Fuji" Oregon-Japan beer festival being held on June 8 ~ [...]