28 Jun, 2021

Please stay cool out there!

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As our friends, families, and colleagues all know, Portland and areas all across Oregon are experiencing a record-breaking heat wave.  Previously unimaginable temperatures of 110 degrees and higher are being felt throughout the region, forcing many businesses and public services to close early or shut down completely. At Hokusei North America, we'll still be working, [...]

21 Jun, 2021

JASO Beer Garden: One More Time On-Line

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The Japan America Society of Oregon (JASO) recently announced the date of its annual summer beer garden event.  This year, the beer party will take place on Friday, July 16 from 7PM - 9PM.   In an abundance of caution related to the COVID pandemic, this year's event will again be held entirely on-line, with [...]

7 Jun, 2021

Oregon Fruit Products Launches Dragon Fruit Puree

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Recently, Oregon Fruit Products, a Hokusei North America partner company, announced its release of a new dragon fruit aseptic puree for fermentation.  Because of its natural mild sweetness and light fruitiness, dragon fruit puree can be used to balance the use of other fruits that have relatively sweet or acidic flavor profiles.  And, because the [...]

24 May, 2021

Hokusei North America to Attend On-Line B2B Event

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On June 9, the Hokusei North America team will take part in an online event hosted by Prosper Portland, the City of Portland's economic and urban development agency.  Entitled, "Food & Beverage B2B Pitch & Networking", the event aims to help food & beverage businesses promote their businesses and products, expand their network of buyers [...]

10 May, 2021

Hitachino Nest Uses Oregon Fruit Products’ Puree

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As a special beer for Valentine’s Day this year, Hitachino Nest, one of the best-known craft beer brands in Japan, released its “Chocolate Beer Ale”. What makes this beer so special to us at Hokusei North America is that this beer use not only one, but three 100% fruit purees from Oregon Fruit Products (OFP), [...]

3 May, 2021

One Last Time?

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Due to a sudden steep upturn in the number of COVID-19 cases and related hospitalizations, Multnomah County (Portland’s county) and 14 other Oregon counties recently moved into the COVID-19 “Extreme Risk” category.  This classification went into effect on April 30, and will last at least until May 6. […]

20 Apr, 2021

Portland Gear Keeping A Strong Japan Connection

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Recently, our friends and partners at Portland Gear, a fashion design and retail company famous for its Portland-branded products, launched a cherry blossom-inspired apparel collection.  Portland Gear created these products in honor of the ongoing close relationship between Portland and Japan, symbolized by the beautiful cherry trees common to both locations. Over the years, Portland [...]

6 Apr, 2021

Jigsaw Puzzles Anyone?

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Allport Editions, a Hokusei North America partner, is well-known for its wide variety of artistic, thoughtful, and smile-evoking greeting cards.  However, Allport also carries a wide variety of jigsaw puzzles, sales of which have helped the company carry on during the coronavirus pandemic. The reason for this boost to Allport's business is that jigsaw puzzles [...]

22 Mar, 2021

Portland Japanese Garden Offering Zoom Backgrounds

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As a very appropriate and uplifting gesture during the coronavirus epidemic and corresponding explosive usage of Zoom videoconferencing service, the Portland Japanese Garden is offering free, downloadable Zoom backgrounds. For Spring 2021, the Zoom background is fittingly, a photo of an amazingly beautiful flowering cherry tree in front of the Portland Japanese Garden's Pavilion Gallery. [...]

1 Mar, 2021

An Important 1-Year Anniversary

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Yesterday, February 28th, marked the one-year anniversary of the first known COVID-19 case in Oregon. Since that day a year ago, the state (not to mention the world) has gone through a seemingly unending series of changes and trials that have drastically altered Oregonians' lifestyles, attitudes, and economic situations. We would like to extend our [...]

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