13 Jun, 2022

Hokusei Corporate Overview Video Now in English

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Ever want to know more about Hokusei Products, Hokusei North America's parent company in Toyama, Japan? For those interested in learning more about our Japanese counterpart, its history, its business activities, its diverse locations, and its people, Hokusei Products recently added English-language narration to its corporate overview video. To see the video, please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBQwCKc6PfE&t=9s or, simply click the [...]

6 Jun, 2022

Fuji to Hood Back in 2022!

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Originally scheduled to take place in 2020, but cancelled the same year and again in 2021, Fuji to Hood festival returns this year on Saturday, July 16. For those not familiar with it, Fuji to Hood is a beer and food festival between 40 like-minded breweries, cideries, and distilleries in the shadow of Oregon's Mt. Hood and Japan's Mt. Fuji. Portland, [...]

23 May, 2022

Hokusei North America to Host Webinar for Japanese Brewers

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On Friday, May 27 (Japan time), Hokusei North America will host a webinar for members of the craft beer industry in Japan. In partnership with Oregon Fruit Products, the webinar will focus on how fruit purees are used in the very popular IPA style of craft beer. Following an opening greeting by Hokusei's CEO Shotaro Tomita, the webinar will share [...]

2 May, 2022

Hokusei to Attend FABEX Show in September

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In cooperation with the US Governments Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Osaka, Japan, Hokusei will be attending the FABEX food show to be held in Osaka in September 2022. The FABEX show focuses on food, beverages, dessert sweets, and baked goods, and pre-COVID had attendance of over 40,000 visitors.  It is considered to be the largest food show in Western [...]

28 Mar, 2022

Virtual Cherry Blossom Updates from the Portland Japanese Garden

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In March, thousands of cherry trees burst into huge bouquets of pink and white across Portland.  It is one of the prettiest times to be in Portland, as the cherry trees are often joined by other flowering trees such as magnolias and plums to brighten up the city after a dark, cloudy winter.   One of the best-known spots to [...]

15 Mar, 2022

Hokusei Participates in Prosper Portland

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On Feb 23, 2022, Hokusei North America staff participated in a food & beverage B2B networking session hosted by Prosper Portland, the City of Portland's economic and urban development agency. The on-line event was organized as a way for mainly Oregon- and Japan-based food manufacturers/producers to introduce their products to a variety of supermarket buyers, marketers, and importers. The event [...]

28 Feb, 2022

More Puree for Japanese Brewers

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Earlier this month, Hokusei North America sent its most recent shipment of fruit puree to Japan, destined for Japanese breweries making fruited beers. The puree was made by Hokusei's key business partner, Oregon Fruit Products, based in Salem, Ore. The puree shipment was the largest to date, and included 14 different puree flavors.  This time, the top puree flavor shipped [...]

8 Feb, 2022

A True Portland Valentine’s Event

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Once again, it's February, and that of course means it's time for Valentine's Day.  In addition to giving flowers and chocolates, Portlanders have a unique way of celebrating the season of love. Most years, Portland's own Pink Martini musical group holds its "A Pink Martini Valentine" event. This year, Pink Martini will offer a special team up with the Oregon [...]

24 Jan, 2022

Hokusei to Host Seminar for Japanese Brewers

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As part of its marketing efforts to promote sales of Oregon Fruit Products' fruit purees in Japan,  Hokusei North America and its parent company in Japan (Hokusei Products) will host a webinar on January 27 (Pacific Time), to showcase purees use in craft beer.   The hourlong, on-line event is expected to be attended by over 50 Japanese brewers, and [...]

3 Jan, 2022

A Happy Year of the Tiger (2022)

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2021 was another tumultuous year, with some serious ups and downs -- many are happy that we're now into 2022, and that better days are on the near horizon. In the Eastern/Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. In this zodiac, the tiger is known for being ambitious, daring, enthusiastic, self-confident, in pursuit of justice, and interested in [...]

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