21 Dec, 2020

Happy Holidays

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As 2020 comes to a close, Hokusei North America would like take time to extend its thanks and best wishes to our various business partners in the U.S., Japan, and Canada. This has been a trying year for nearly everyone, and it has been difficult to watch the struggles faced by  organizations and people with [...]

7 Dec, 2020

CEO Shotaro Tomita Introduces Oregon Representative to New Toyama Governor

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On November 20, Hokusei North America's CEO, Shotaro Tomita had the honor of introducing Jun Mokudai, Senior Advisor at Oregon's Japan Representative Office (JRO), to Toyama Prefecture's newly-elected Governor, Hachiro Niita. The introductory meeting took place at the Governor's Office in Toyama City and in addition to Msssrs. Niita, Mokudai, Tomita was attended by Toyoma [...]

25 Nov, 2020

A Taste of Toyama in Portland

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Recently, the Japan-America Society of Oregon (JASO), announced its Annual General Meeting event, to be held virtually on Dec 4, 2020.  Although JASO hosts a number fascinating and educational programs throughout the year, this particular event stands out in that it will be paired with a bento box dinner featuring cuisine from Toyama Prefecture. As [...]

12 Nov, 2020

Raspberry Fruit Puree for the Gold!

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On November 1, the International Beer Cup (IBC), one of Japan's most prestigious beer competitions, announced its list of winners for 2020.  Among the breweries receiving gold medals was Brewmin', a small brewery from Toyama, Oregon's sister prefecture (state) and location of Hokusei North America's parent company's home office.   Strengthening the Brewmin' - Hokusei [...]

2 Nov, 2020

Fruit Puree In Action

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During the summer, in conjunction with its partner Oregon Fruit Products (Salem, Ore.), Hokusei North America sent a shipment of fruit puree to Japan  As these shelf-stable aseptic purees are highly valued by the craft brewing industry to make fruited beers, every customer of this last shipment was a Japanese craft beer brewery. One of [...]

5 Oct, 2020

The Smoke Has Finally Cleared

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During the month of September, there were a number of forest fires burning across Oregon.  These fires, some of which are still not yet 100% caused considerable damage in terms of burnt forest and land (nearly 1 million acres), destroyed homes, and human fatalities. Although Portland was not touched by the wildfires, it did receive [...]

14 Sep, 2020

Mailbox Delivery to Okinawa

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Recently, Hokusei North America (HNA) undertook an interesting export project, a first for the company.  Based on request from the U.S. Military, and working with its sister company Hokusei Trading Asia, HNA shipped a number of mailboxes from the U.S. to Okinawa, Japan.   Made of brass, the mailboxes have a traditional American design, which [...]

31 Aug, 2020

Japanese Garden, Hokusei mentioned in Japanese Press

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On August 16, the Toyama Shimbun newspaper in Toyama Prefecture (Oregon's sister state) published an article lauding Hokusei North America's efforts to work with the Portland Japanese Garden to promote peace through the display of "Ori-tsuru"-themed products. An Ori-tsuru is an origami (folded paper art) version of a crane, which in Japanese culture is a [...]

24 Aug, 2020

Hokusei Continues To Explore Beverage Opportunities

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Given our growing relationship with Oregon Fruit Products (OFP), and ongoing exports to Japan of OFP's fruit purees for brewing, Hokusei North America is continuously looking for opportunities in the alcoholic beverage market. One growth area in the United States that it generating great excitement and having a huge impact on the marketplace is the [...]

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