Later this month, Hokusei Japan staff Yurie Wata will participate in a trade mission visiting the U.S.

Organized by WUSATA (Western US Agricultural Trade Association) the trade mission’s goal is to introduce buyers from overseas markets to U.S. businesses, with an eye on increasing exports of American-made/grown agricultural and food products. To that end, trade mission participants will visit companies from the meat, fruit, nuts, dairy, seafood, alcohol, and confectionary industries. During this trade mission, the overseas visitors will be meeting with businesses in both Idaho and Oregon.

Given Hokusei’s experience importing goods from the U.S. to Japan, Ms. Wata will be on the lookout for new products that have potential in the Japanese market.

While Ms. Wata is in Oregon, Hokusei North America staff will meet with her to discuss future business opportunities, as well as spend time with her at the Fuji to Hood festival, where Ms. Wata will be a festival volunteer.