Oregon Plans For Economic Reopening

On May 7, Oregon Governor Kate Brown laid out her plan for a phased reopening of the Oregon economy in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  The foundation of Oregon's approach to opening up economic and recreational actives is a 3-phased expansion of permissible business activities, applied at the county level.  Counties may move from the current stay-at-home requirement to Phase [...]

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JASO: An Oregon – Japan Community Lifeline

During the current coronavirus pandemic, it can often be difficult to stay in touch with our friends and business connections that are located locally, let alone with those found far away. This can especially be true in the case of maintaining multi-cultural/national networks, where language, cultural, and time zone differences can sometime be a challenge, even during "normal" times. Luckily, [...]

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Zwicklemania: a Truly Oregon Beer Experience

We are following up last month's news post with another one about beer (a favorite topic of ours). Zwickwemania is an Oregon craft beer event that will take place in Portland this year on Saturday, Feb 15. Now in its 12th year, Zwickwemania is essentially a "brewery open house" event, when hundreds of breweries around the state of Oregon open [...]

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Oregon -Japan Beer Festival Date Announced

For years, Japanese consumers have enjoyed Oregon beers exported to Japan, and have often come to Oregon to drink craft beer "at the source".  At the same time, various Japanese and Oregon brewers have made a number of  friendships, resulting in working together on various beer-related projects.   To strengthen the beer bond between Japan and Oregon, the "Fuji to [...]

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Oregon Fruit Products Visit to Japan

Earlier this month, Chris Hodge, Sales Director for Oregon Fruit Products (OFP), visited Japan as part of Oregon Governor Brown's trade mission.  During his visit to Japan, Mr. Hodge visited a number of Japanese breweries and met with a number of brewers to discuss OFP's fruit purees for fermentation. As importer of OFP's purees in Japan, Hokusei arranged brewery visits [...]

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Hokusei Starts Oregon Fruit Products Puree Sales

Starting in late-September, Hokusei North America and its parent company Hokusei Products launched sales of Oregon Fruit Products’ (OFP) fruit puree for fermentation products in Japan.  Collectively, the Hokusei group reached out to a number of breweries in Japan’s burgeoning craft beer industry, and subsequently received a number of orders for purees. […]

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Hokusei Shares Oregon Fruit Product Purees with Japanese Brewers

At the Hood to Fuji Brewers’ Seminar held on June 7 in Tokyo, Hokusei Products (Japan) and Hokusei North America jointly hosted a booth featuring Oregon Fruit Products purees.  The aseptic purees are especially formulated for use in fermentation (beer, spirits, cider, etc.) and are widely used in the North American beer brewing industry. The purpose of the booth was [...]

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Hokusei Begins Working with Oregon Fruit Products

In April, Hokusei North America began working with Oregon Fruit Products (Salem, Ore.) to begin shipping fruit puree to Japan.  The aseptic puree shipped was for specifically processed fermentation purposes, and will be used in a number of craft beers offered at the "Hood to Fuji" Oregon-Japan beer festival being held on June 8 ~ 9 in Tokyo. Given Oregon's [...]

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More Hokusei Product (Japan) visits to Oregon

  As a sign of its commitment to the Oregon-Japan trade market, Hokusei Products in Japan sent staff to Oregon to meet with the local Hokusei North America team. During the week of April 22, Hokusei Products' staff will travel to Portland, the Willamette Valley, and Central Oregon to visit a number of partner organizations, including the Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon [...]

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Hokusei’s visit to Oregon

Earlier this month, executive staff from Hokusei Products in Japan (Hokusei North America’s parent company) visited Oregon to participate in a wide number of meetings and site visits. Among the highlights of the visit was a series of meetings and get-togethers with staff from the Portland Japanese Garden . A number of discussions were held to prepare for the Portland [...]

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