Earlier this month, Chris Hodge, Sales Director for Oregon Fruit Products (OFP), visited Japan as part of Oregon Governor Brown’s trade mission. ┬áDuring his visit to Japan, Mr. Hodge visited a number of Japanese breweries and met with a number of brewers to discuss OFP’s fruit purees for fermentation.

As importer of OFP’s purees in Japan, Hokusei arranged brewery visits and meetings with beer industry professionals. ┬áHokusei also organized an industry happy hour in Tokyo on Nov 15, which gave Japanese brewers the opportunity to sample beers made with various OFP purees.

During Mr. Hodge’s time in Japan, both he and Hokusei staff attended a reception held by Governor Brown at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence, and which featured beer made by Tokushima-based RISE & WIN Brewing using OFP’s red raspberry puree.

We at Hokusei are extremely thankful for Mr. Hodge’s visit, and look forward to working with him and the entire OFP team to introduce more fruit purees into the Japanese beer market.