Starting in late-September, Hokusei North America and its parent company Hokusei Products launched sales of Oregon Fruit Products’ (OFP) fruit puree for fermentation products in Japan. ¬†Collectively, the Hokusei group reached out to a number of breweries in Japan’s burgeoning craft beer industry, and subsequently received a number of orders for purees.

OFP’s fruit purees have been used by thousands of U.S. breweries for a number of years.  Use of fruit and fruit puree is a way to deliciously enhance beer’s flavor in a way that attracts both new drinkers to craft beer, as well as pleasing seasoned craft beer fans.

As a start, Hokusei will over OFP’s blackberry, plum, red raspberry, sweet cherry, and tart cherry purees — other purees will be added over the course of the next few months.  We look forward to helping Japanese craft brewers to expand their product lines and create more craft beer fans!