At the Hood to Fuji Brewers’ Seminar held on June 7 in Tokyo, Hokusei Products (Japan) and Hokusei North America jointly hosted a booth featuring Oregon Fruit Products purees.  The aseptic purees are especially formulated for use in fermentation (beer, spirits, cider, etc.) and are widely used in the North American beer brewing industry.

The purpose of the booth was to share information about the purees with Japanese brewers, and to allow them to sample seven different purees brought in specially for the seminar. As the use of purees in fruited beers has expanded craft beer drinking demographics in North America, the Japanese brewers were eager to taste the purees, and expressed considerable interest in them.

Prior to the seminar, purees were sent over to Japan for actual use in beers made by four different Japanese breweries;  Heiwa Craft, Hitachino Nest, RISE & WIN,  and Y.MARKET.  These beers were served at the Hood to Fuji beer festival on June 8 & 9, with extremely positive feedback from festival attendees.  Furthermore, the four breweries were very happy with the way puree performed and its ease of use.

Based on the positive reception of the purees by Japanese brewers, Hokusei North America plans to ramp up exports to Japan in 2019.