For years, Japanese consumers have enjoyed Oregon beers exported to Japan, and have often come to Oregon to drink craft beer “at the source”.  At the same time, various Japanese and Oregon brewers have made a number of  friendships, resulting in working together on various beer-related projects.


To strengthen the beer bond between Japan and Oregon, the “Fuji to Hood” collaboration festival was first held in Portland in 2018.  The rules of this festival were only twofold:  1) Japanese ingredients had to be used in all the beers, and 2) Japanese brewers had to attend the festival, as a way to deepen relationships with their Oregon counterparts and with local beer drinkers.

Fuji to Hood was a great success, and based on its popularity it moved to Tokyo in 2019, with its name appropriately changed to “Hood to Fuji”.  The rules were flipped, with required use of Oregon ingredients and attendance by Oregon brewers.

Based on the festival’s growing popularity, it will once again return to Portland, on April 25, 2020.  The rules will once again include the use of Japanese ingredients and participation by Japanese brewers.  This year’s event will feature 17 collaboration beers, 1 collaboration cider, and 1 collaboration kombucha.  Free sakes tastings will also be available!

Please mark your calendars for April 25, 2020 (Sat.). For more information, please visit: