On both sides of the Pacific, Hokusei staff are participating in beer festival events, as a way to promote the use of Oregon Fruit Company’s purees in beer, and perhaps, more importantly make craft beer industry friends.

The Hokusei staff in Japan has been especially busy attending/volunteering in craft beer festivals, pouring beer and promoting fruit purees at 2 festivals during the last 3 weeks.

In Portland, Hokusei North America staff are part of the organization committee behind Fuji to Hood, a beer festival that creates community between Oregon and Japan. The event will take place on July 20 (Sat), and Hokusei staff from Japan will fly to Portland to lend a helping volunteer hand.

At Hokusei, we love great, local craft beers, and will continue to do what we can to support the industry!

For more information on Fuji to Hood, please go to:  www.fujitohood.com