In early April, Hokusei North America will welcome one of its colleagues from Hokusei Products (Japan) back to Portland.

Chris Hodge from Oregon Fruit Products (L), Yurie Wata (R)

Yurie Wata, who oversees Hokusei Products’ lifestyle/consumer products business operations, will be back in Portland after a 5 year hiatus related to the COVID epidemic. During her visit here, Yurie will be meeting with a number of Hokusei’s existing business partners, including Oregon Fruit Products, the Portland Japanese Garden, Portland Gear, and Allport Design.

Yurie will also hold a number of meetings to develop new business opportunities between Oregon and Japan, especially those in the beer brewing industry.

The Hokusei North America staff is extremely happy to have Yurie-san back and Oregon, and is looking forward to working with her to reacquainting her with old business friends, and forging relationships with new ones.