Earlier this month, Hokusei’s team in Japan had had the honor of hosting a visitor from the Portland Japanese Garden’s Director of buying and merchandising.  The purpose of the visit was to explore Japanese crafts for potential sale at the garden’s gift shop.

During the directors’ trip, Hokusei staff in Japan was by her side, to introduce the director to Japanese craftspersons, explain the crafts’ significance, and support language interpretation. Together they group traveled to Toky0 where a large industry gift sow was held. Later, they traveled to Ishikawa Prefecture, the site of the Jan 1 Noto Peninsula Eartquake, and then onto Toyama Prefecture, Oregon’s sister state in Japan.

Both the Japan- and U.S.-side Hokusei teams are looking forward to support the Portland Japanese Garden’s buying efforts, and are eager to see more Japanese crafts available at the garden’s gift shop.