On Fri, August 2, the Portland Japanese Garden hosted a preview party for its annual “Behind the Shoji” event.  At the preview party, guests were offered the chance to take a first look at, and make purchases from a wide array of unique and handcrafted products made in Japan.   The Portland Japanese Garden and Hokusei worked together to import many of the products from Japan, including those made by artisans from the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.  And, for the first time, the Portland Japanese Garden and Hokusei North America collaborated to bring in food products for Behind the Shoji.

Michael Walcott from Hokusei North America (L), Ashley McQuade from the Portland Japanese Garden  (R)

Behind the Shoji is open to the general public from August 3 to September 15, 2019.  For more information about Behind the Shoji, please go to: https://japanesegarden.org/events/behind-the-shoji-hokkaido-marketplace/