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Portland Japanese Garden Staff Visits to Sapporo

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the Portland - Sapporo sister city relationship. In honor of the lengthy ties between these two cities, the Portland Japanese Garden gift shop plans to offer a number of products made by Sapporo craftspeople. In preparation for this, staff from the Portland Japanese garden recently attended the "Sapporo Style" [...]

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Portland Japanese Garden Open Gion Festival Exhibit

From September 15 to November 4, the Portland Japanese Garden is exhibiting photos of the Gion Matsuri (Gion Festival), which is held every summer in Kyoto, and is considered to be the world's longest-running urban festival. In addition to the photos, one of the key elements of the exhibit will be a " Ayagasa Hoko" [...]

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Hokusei Featured on Portland Japanese Garden Web Site

Hokusei North America is very honored to be mentioned on the Portland Japanese Garden's web site.  It has been our honor to work with the Japanese Garden, to allow it to offer unique and authentic gifts to visitors from around the world.  And, we look forward to continued work with this very special place in [...]

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