The coronavirus pandemic has caused great harm in terms of lives lost, distancing of loved ones, and damaged business.  At Hokusei North America, we are waiting along with everyone else for the end of this crisis, and look forward to the day when business operations return to normal on both sides of the Pacific.

In the meantime, we are taking advantage of the current pause in business to grow closer with our teammates at Hokusei Products in Japan.  Specifically, multiple times per week, we are using internet video conferencing (via Google Meet) to hold English-language conversation classes with our Japanese counterparts.  Typically one hour long, these classes provide a one-on-one environment in which we share our lives, thoughts, and experiences, all in English.  This exercise not only strengthens the bonds between our two organizations, it helps our Japan-side team to better prepare for Hokusei’s growing international focus.

Even after the coronavirus crisis is over and business returns to its normal pace, the team building benefits of these English conversation classes are so beneficial, it would not be such a bad idea to continue our weekly on-line meet ups!