Considering that over 90% of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States, it makes sense for businesses of all sizes to explore opportunities in overseas markets. Export sales can increase your company’s revenue and potentially help you in the event that U.S. domestic sales slow. Also, exports offer an excellent chance to get your products noticed in a market with fewer local and regional competitors.


Don’t let the tiny landmass fool you. Japan is huge in terms of people and purchasing power. As a country, Japan’s GDP is behind that of the United States and China but with a population of over 30 million, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan economy in the world. And better still, Japanese consumers have long loved American-made products because they are valued for their quality, reputation and style.


Hokusei North America is a locally-based launch pad to access the Japanese marketplace. Our bilingual team based in Portland, Oregon handles all of the details to make your international sales possible. Our team in Japan has offices in Tokyo, Okinawa, Sapporo and Toyama giving us reach to all parts of the country.  And most importantly, we help you tell your story so Japanese consumers get to know what makes your company and its products special.


Hokusei North America handles payment, logistics, and marketing so you can spend your time focusing on your business. Once we have an agreement in place, we purchase your product as a domestic transaction and ship it to Japan. We’ll take care of the logistics and customs paperwork so you won’t have to worry about it. We make your international sales as easy as selling to a customer in your own neighborhood!

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