Portland is known for its incredible food & beverage scene, including its farmer’s markets, craft breweries, urban wineries, and coffee roasters.  But, did you know that Portland also boasts a vibrant craft chocolate community?

In Portland, there is large number of both craft chocolate-makers and craft chocolatiers.  Craft chocolate-makers are artisans or small companies that focus on the “bean to bar” component of chocolate.  In other words, procuring and roasting cocoa beans, and then processing them in chocolate bars or blocks.

A craft chocolatier is an artisan or small company that uses chocolate made by chocolate-makers and makes confectionary from it.  This includes molding the chocolate into different shapes and designs, and adding other ingredients such as nuts, caramel, fruit, etc.

The Hokusei team loves chocolate, and hopes to explore sharing Portland’s best chocolates with chocolate fans in Japan!