From Nov 15 to Nov 18 Hokusei Products’ (Toyama, Japan) President & CEO Shotaro Tomita and his staff visited Portland, along with the Hokusei North America team.

Tomita-san’s four days in the Portland area were packed full of meetings with customers, suppliers, support service providers, and representatives of industries with which Hokusei plans to work in the future.  In addition, Tomita-san and the rest of the Hokusei team made a number of site visits to retail and industrial facilities in the Greater Portland area.  One of the highlights was dinner at Shizuku, the restaurant designed by Kuma Kengo for renowned organic chef Naoko Tamura.

Much was accomplished during Tomita-san’s visit, and we at the Hokusei North America team are looking forward to  following-up on his visit with our wonderful partners.


The Hokusei team with the Portland Gear team.