2021 marks the 30th year of the sister state relationship between the State of Oregon and Toyama Prefecture in Japan. Over the years, this relationship has been celebrated by high-visibility events, such as trade missions and visits by state/prefectural governors.


However, the relationship between Oregon and Toyama has recently been strengthened by the actions of “ordinary” people — current and former residents of the two regions, who gather to discuss the sister state relationship, learn about aspects of Oregon and Toyama culture, and to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Called the “Oregon-Toyama CONNECTION”,  this gathering was started during the COVID epidemic, and as such, conducted much of its activities via Facebook group interaction. However, as COVID conditions improved slightly, many members of this group were able to join each other (outdoors) for a fun evening at one of Portland’s best breweries.

Anyone interested in helping create even closer bonds between Oregon and Toyama should please feel free to ask to be invited to become an Oregon-Toyama CONNECTION member by going to:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/oregontoyama