During the week of December 4, one of Hokusei North America’s parent company’s Japanese clients visited the Portland area.


The visitor was Takenori Sakao, the founder and head brewer of Brew Classic, a craft beer brewery in the city of Kanazawa.  Sakao-san has bought fruit puree from Hokusei in the past, and was eager to check out Portland’s beer scene.

While in Portland, Sakao-san visited a number of breweries, and was able to meet with a number of brewers to observe their operations, ask questions, and exchange ideas.

In particular, Sakao-san was interested in the interior design used in brewery taprooms, given he’d like to open his own taproom in the next 18 months.

Sakao-san enjoyed his time in Portland, and we hope to host him again sometime soon.

For more on Brew Classic (in Japanese): https://brewclassicbeer.com/