On October 15, Hokusei North American and its parent company, Hokusei Products hosted an online tour of the Cycle Dog facility in Portland, Ore.

The purpose of the event was to introduce Cycle Dog to consumers living in Japan.  Given that Hokusei imports Cycle Dog’s products into Japan, we wanted to share its unique, sustainable approach of using recycled materials to manufacture dog toys and supplies.

After a brief greeting from Hokusei Products staff in Japan, Lanette Fidrych, the owner of Cycle Dog, gave a brief history of the company, from the time its concept was conceived.  Lanette then gave the Japanese audience an overview of the product sold by Cycle Dog, as well as a tour of the production area (all products are made in Portland).  The tour then moved onto to showing the indoor and outdoor dog “play” areas that are popular among Portland dog owners.  Lanette then shared the Cycle Dog Tavern, a small bar located within Cycle Dog’s retail space.

Due to Cycle Dog’s environmentally-friendly to making pet supplies, the webinar attracted a lot of interest from dog owners in Japan.  This was made evident by the long list of questions that viewers asked during the Q&A session after the tour.

The event was enjoyed by all, and we look forward to doing another one soon!