Hokusei North America and its parent company (Hokusei Japan) are pleased to announce a new joint project with Hanshin Department Store, the leading department store in Osaka, Japan.

Hokusei will work with Hanshin to offer a wide variety of Portland- and Oregon-made products at Hanshin’s “Portland Fair”, to be held at Hanshin’s main store in Osaka from April 26 – May 2, 2017. ¬†Hanshin’s 2016 Portland Fair exceeded all expectations in term of sales and attendees, and the 2017 event is expected to be even bigger.

For Hanshin’s 2017 Portland Fair, Hokusei will work with local Portland companies and artisans to offer such products as stationery, greeting cards, and Portland-branded apparel. ¬†Please continue to check our News page for announcements about specific products that will be offered.


Hokusei President Shotaro Tomita (R), with the Hanshin team