As part of its marketing efforts to promote sales of Oregon Fruit Products’ fruit purees in Japan,  Hokusei North America and its parent company in Japan (Hokusei Products) will host a webinar on January 27 (Pacific Time), to showcase purees use in craft beer.


The hourlong, on-line event is expected to be attended by over 50 Japanese brewers, and will feature a number of segments:

  • Greetings from Hokusei’s President, Shotaro Tomita
  • A message from Alex Bramberg at the U.S. Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Osaka
  • An overview of the latest craft beer trends in Portland, Oregon
  • Announcements about new purees flavors to be exported by Hokusei
  • Description of the purees and how they’re used by Chris Hodge from Oregon Fruit Product
  • A puree dosing instructional video
  • An interview with Andy Miller, Head Brewer at Great Notion Brewing
  • Q&A

There’ll be a lot to cover, we’re excited to present to the brewers!