Earlier this month, Hokusei Products hosted a visit for a buyer from Portland’s Japanese Garden.  The purpose of the visit was to attend the 95th Tokyo International Gift Show (held from February 15th – February 17th), to explore and identify products to be sold at the garden’s gift shop.

Due to the COVID pandemic, this was the first visit by the buyer in 3 years.  During the course of her visit, the buyer spent time not only at the gift show, but visiting other parts of Japan to meet with artisans and manufacturers. As Hokusei North America’s Japan-side counterparts were able to spend considerable time with the buyer, they were able to gain an excellent idea of what products/gifts she was seeking out, and were able to identify numerous items that we hope to send from Japan to the Portland Japanese Garden.

It was great for our Japanese team to reconnect face-to-face with the our business partners in Oregon, and we look forward to many more such in-person encounters.