In late-September, Hokusei North America hosted Masahiro Kusunose, the founder of Uchu Brewing one of  Japan’s most popular craft breweries, located in Yamanashi Prefecture.


The purpose of Kusunose-san’s visit was to learn more about Oregon’s craft beer market, including newly-founded breweries, hop selection, and Oregon Fruit Products’ purees.

The Hokusei North America team took Kusunose-san on a visit/tour of Oregon Fruit Products’ facility located in Salem, Oregon.  There, he learned about the company’s history, QA methods, new product development, manufacturing, and storage.  Kusunose-san also did some taste tasting while at the facility and asked a number of questions about puree fruit content.

The Oregon Fruit Products team was an excellent host, and we hope that their relationship with Uchu Brewing will continue to grow.