During December 2016 and January 2017, Portland experienced a number of snow and freezing rain storms as well as plunging temperatures.  It really feels like winter here!


Photo:  Oregonlive


As Portland does not have a large fleet of snowplows and salt is not used for ecological reasons, a large amount of snow & ice remains on rooftops, gardens and roads.  This has caused a large number of businesses to reduce their hours, slowed down traffic, and forced schools to close (to the joy of thousands of Portland children).

Portlanders are taking advantage of this “winter wonderland”, to slow down, play outside, and light fires in fireplaces.  And, plenty of Portlanders are taking advantage of the wintry weather to head out to the beautiful natural areas surrounding Portland, to go skiing on Mt. Hood (“Oregon’s Mt. Fuji), to enjoy sledding, or to go snow shoeing to admire the snowy landscape!

Hokusei North America is operating business as usual, and wishes all of our customers and partners a healthy & prosperous 2017!