In mid-January, Portland and its surrounding areas were struck by a weather pattern that caused considerable damage and inconvenience.

Highly unusual for the Portland area, a snow storm was followed by a precipitous drop in temperatures, falling to the mid-teens (Fahrenheit). Then, freezing rain occurred, covering any exposed surface to be covered in ice. Shortly after the first wave of freezing rain stopped, another wave began.

This weather caused countless trees to fall and water pipes to burst, and also lead to thousands of people in Greater Portland to go without power for hours, if not days.

Despite the wintry weather, Hokusei North America staff members were able to meet with a number of Japanese visitors, to talk about Japanese tourism to Portland, including the Fuji to Hood festival that will be held on July 20, 2024 (Sat). Hokusei staff were also able to take Japanese web journalists on a Portland brewery tour, which will result in articles in JapanĀ  featuring Portland’s craft beer scene.

We sincerely hope that our Portland-area business partners and customers we are able to make it through the winter storm without incident!