In March, thousands of cherry trees burst into huge bouquets of pink and white across Portland.  It is one of the prettiest times to be in Portland, as the cherry trees are often joined by other flowering trees such as magnolias and plums to brighten up the city after a dark, cloudy winter.


One of the best-known spots to view cherry blossoms is Tom McCall Waterfront Park, which boasts 100 Akebono cherry trees donated to Portland in 1990 by the Japanese Grain Importers Association.

And, another popular place to look at cherry blossoms is of course, the Portland Japanese Garden.  This year, the Japanese Garden is taking cherry blossom-viewing on-line, to show the blooms on several different trees located throughout the garden grounds.

The Portland Japanese Garden’s web site’s “2022 Cherry Blossom Watch” page is updated daily during the cherry blossom-viewing season, so that city residents and tourists alike can time their visits to observe differing stages of foliage.

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