Earlier this month, Hokusei North America sent its most recent shipment of fruit puree to Japan, destined for Japanese breweries making fruited beers.

The puree was made by Hokusei’s key business partner, Oregon Fruit Products, based in Salem, Ore. The puree shipment was the largest to date, and included 14 different puree flavors.  This time, the top puree flavor shipped was red raspberry, followed by blueberry, and red tart cherry.

All of Oregon Fruit Products’ purees are aseptic which means that have extremely long shelf-stable lives, and do not require refrigeration.  These traits, and the ease of using the purees make them very popular among brewers around the world, who are eager to attract new beer drinkers who often prefer fruit-flavored beers.

The purees will be delivered to breweries throughout Japan, ranging from small regional microbreweries to large breweries with a national presence.  The list of customers also includes some of Japan’s most popular craft breweries.

For more information about Oregon Fruit Products, please go to:  https://www.oregonfruit.com/