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Happy 60th to the Portland Japanese Garden

This, month, Portland's renowned Japanese Garden celebrated its 60th anniversary. Founded in 1963, less than 20 years after the end of World War II, the garden was established to strengthen ties between Portland and Japan.  Built on the former site of the Portland Zoo, the 12 acre garden has become one of Portland's most popular tourist destinations. Over the decades, [...]

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Oregon Fruit Products Launches New Packaging

Earlier this summer, Oregon Fruit Products announced the launch of a new puree packaging format, 1.5 liter pouches. These pouches we designed for clients that do not have the need to purchase standard-sized 42 lb. cartons of a puree at a time, or simply do not have the space for larger packaging, such as many food & beverage establishments in [...]

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O-Bon Festival at the Portland Japanese Garden

In Japan, O-Bon is an annual Buddhist event that takes place in August, to honor one's ancestors, and pray for their souls.  In Japanese culture, ancestors'  spirits are believed to temporarily return to this world to visit their relatives and descendants during O-Bon.  As such, it is considered to be one of the most important holidays in Japan, marked by [...]

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JASO Beer Garden Event On July 21

On July 21 (Fri), the Japan-America Society of Oregon (JASO) will once again host its annual beer garden event.  This year's beer garden will feature a number of Japanese dishes for attendees, as well as musical performances.  Of course, the "star" of the event will be beer.  Beer at this year's event will include an IPA (India Pale Ale) and [...]

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Portland Gear Products to be Featured At Tokyo Event

Hokusei Products in Japan has partnered with Portland Gear to offer the apparel maker's products at the "Sustainable City Portland Week" event to be held at the Tokyu Plaza near Shibuya Station in Tokyo, from July 18 - 26.   Hokusei Products' relationship with Portland Gear goes back to 2017, when Hokusei first imported Portland Gear's products for a Portland-related [...]

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Hokusei Japan Staff in Portland

This week, Hokusei North America welcomes a team member from its parent company, Hokusei Products in Japan. While in Portland, our Japan-side team member will learn first-hand about Hokusei North America's business, its customers & suppliers, as well as exploring new opportunities.  This will include visits to Oregon Fruit Products in Salem, Ore. as well as to the Portland Japanese [...]

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Behind The Shoji Event Returns

The Portland Japanese Garden recently announced the return of its Behind the Shoji event, taking place from July 1 - September 4, 2023.   This annual event is to be held in the garden's Pavilion Gallery, and is a show and sale of Japanese art and handicrafts, which according the Japanese Garden's website includes, textiles, prints, clothing, ceramics, home décor, [...]

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Oregon Fruit Product Visits Japan

As mentioned in a recent article, the Hokusei Team in Japan hosted a booth at the Hop Education and Sensory Sesssion held in Tokyo on April 14.  At the booth, the Hokusei team promoted Oregon Fruit Products' fruit purees, and was very fortunate to have Chris Hodge from Oregon Fruit products also attending the booth.  Chris' help was instrumental in [...]

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Hop Event A Big Success

On April 14, Hokusei Products had a booth at the Oregon Hop Education & Sensory Session, held at the Shibuya Stream building in Tokyo, Japan. Although the main focus of the session was on hops, Hokusei and a number of other companies in the beer ingredient and supply industries were in attendance, taking the opportunity to exchange information with the [...]

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HNA President Shotaro Tomita to Visit Oregon Again

After his previous visit to Oregon in late-September, Hokusei North America’s President, Shotaro Tomita will be returning to Oregon later this month.   The purpose of President Tomita’s second trip to Oregon in 6 months will be to meet with Hokusei’s Oregon trading partners, as well as to visit institutions of higher education. Additional, Mr. Tomita plans to take some [...]

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